How do I select the proper pair of gloves for my application?

How do you select the right type of glove for you and your application? First is to understand what a welding glove in particular is supposed to do for you. These gloves are supposed to protect your from electric shock, flames, hot parts, sharp or flying metal and arc rays. In keeping all of those features in mind what is the best glove for you? First consider the type of job you are doing and the processes you will be using to accomplish this. Secondly determine your hazards. Lastly talk to your supervisor and supplier to ensure the proper fit of the glove. One thing to note is that welding gloves are a bit loose on purpose. The thing that some people might not know is that these gloves are designed that way in case a spark or piece of hot material gets into the inside of the glove so that the user can quickly remove the glove by a simple whip of the hand to throw the glove off. I don’t know that I know anyone who in their experience as a welder hasn’t had that happen and in the predicament it’s critical to get the glove off as quickly as possible. These gloves are made for different applications as well so you want to be sure you are using the right type of glove for your application. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to TIG weld with a stick or MIG glove but it’s very difficult. The bulkiness of the glove makes it very difficult to be as precise as you need to be while doing TIG. So be sure you have the correct glove. See the highlighted features and information below to help select the proper glove.

How do I measure to ensure the proper fit?
Most glove manufacturers use the same method for measuring for the proper glove size. Measure around your hand above the V of the thumb which gives you the circumference in inches this will give you the measurement to the manufacturers corresponding glove sizing charts.

Glove Types
Stick Welding Gloves – These gloves are typically thicker cuts of leather which are going to deliver the most protection. Often produced by various grades and grains of split leather cowhide, however, also offered in elkskin, pigskin and goatskin.
MIG Welding Gloves
– Made with medium thickness leather these gloves offer protection as well as the dexterity necessary for MIG welding. MIG gloves are made of many different types of leathers including deerskin, pigskin, goatskin and cowhide.
TIG Welding Gloves – The thinnest cut welding gloves typically produced by very thin cut grain leather or synthetic leather to provide the high dexterity and snug fit needed for TIG welding.
Driving Gloves
– These gloves are a medium cut grain glove often produced from cowhide, elkskin, goatskin and pigskin. They provide a very snug fit and durability.
Leather Palm Gloves – These gloves are probably the most common type of gloves used for general protection. They are typically produced from low grade leather due to the nature of their general purpose.
Ergonomic Gloves – Ergonomic gloves are made fit your hand in its proper position to produce the highest amount of dexterity and fatigue in a glove for its specific application. They can be made from pretty much any type of material depending on the type of glove and its purpose.

Glove Features and Their Meanings
Keystone Thumb – Classic ergonomic design of the thumb resulting in superior movement and comfort. This thumb style is most typically found in driving gloves.
Wing Thumb
– With and angled construction this allows good flexibility with no seams in the palm area to obstruct work or cause fatigue. Often found in welding, driving, leather palm and ergonomic gloves types.
Straight Thumb – This is a simple design that points vertically and is good for gripping. Typically this thumb style is found on welding, driving and cotton/synthetic gloves.
Welted Seams
– This feature is where strips of leather or other material are sewn at the seams to protect the seams from abrasion and/or sparks
Seamless Index Finger – A glove design in which the seam at the side of the index finger is placed farther away from the palm leaving the working area of the finger smooth and clear for better dexterity.
Kevlar Stitching
– Kevlar thread features better protection against sparks and abrasion. This type of stitching is typically found in quality welding gloves.

Weldfabulous offers a vast array of different gloves and not just for welding. Here are the many different varieties we offer:
MIG Gloves
TIG Gloves
Stick Gloves
Drivers Gloves
Mechanics Gloves
Metalworking Gloves
Nitrile Gloves
Work Gloves
Winter Gloves
Hi-Vis Gloves



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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to ESAB in Fayetteville, NC to learn about all of the different machines, products and services (yes, services) they offer and get my hands on most all of their products to test them out myself. I’ve known about ESAB for about 10 years now and I think there has always been a struggle to get their name out there and recognizable in the industry within the US market. However, after seeing the innovation of their new or revamped product offering I don’t think it will be long before they have made their mark in the Welding arena as a leader here in the states. We are currently in the process of putting a vast array of their product offering up on our web store. So keep watching for more and more of their products to be available on-line. If there is something specific that you are looking for please contact our customer service department and we can get you the needed information to order that product.
Here are a couple of the items that we currently stock:

And many more…………

Welding Helmets
Safety Glasses
• Welding Jackets
Welding Wire
Plasma Cutters & Consumables

American Pride in Manufacturing

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Despite the seat confusion, star-spangled banner missing words and the half time show sound issues let’s face it half the reason we watch the super bowl is for the commercials. I don’t know if there was another commercial that captured my attention like the Chrysler commercial featuring Eminem. Was it the music or the car or the combination of both? Perhaps, but I felt it really depicted the sense of pride that this country has for its workmanship.

In my discussions with our customers over the past several months I frequently get asked about where the products we sell are made. It’s hard to find many products these days that are truly “Made in the USA”. However, we still carry a handful of USA made products. You sure can tell the pride in the people’s voices when they purchase from one of these companies. Not to mention they really feel like they have a hand in the support of our economy. God knows we need it!

In light of all of the economic issues we are faced with today it is nice to know that there are still companies willing to spend a little bit more in labor dollars to support this country and its pride in workmanship. That to me is what the Chrysler, Eminem commercial was representing. Some say that it didn’t do a good job of selling cars, but in my opinion it did. It sure made me want to buy one knowing that it was made here. People are looking to reinvest in our economy and it shows by the questions I’m asked on a daily basis. That is why we would like to highlight the products/brands that we at Weldfabulous sell that are made in the USA in the list below.

Thermadyne Cutmaster Series (excluding the Cutmaster 42)
Smith Equipment
Miller Welding Machines
Tillman 810 & Tillman 869
Direct Wire & Cable
SAIT Grinding Wheels
Griftan Cylinder Cap
Stiletto Hammers

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How do you know what welding helmet is right for you?

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Although the vast array of graphic designs might be eye catching and even make that emotional connection with who you are as a person, that doesn’t mean that it is always the proper helmet for you or your welding applications. There are many things to consider when selecting a welding helmet. The first of which to consider is the helmet ANSI Z87+ certified? Below are the different advantages and disadvantages of the different options contained in welding helmets to help better select the right helmet for you and your application.

Fixed Shade vs. Variable Shade Lens
A fixed shade lens is just what it says, the shade is a set UV and IR coated dark-tinted glass with a fixed shade. These helmets have stood the test of time being the most economical welding helmets available. However, economy isn’t always ideal when you have to wear this every day. With the constant nod of the head to position the helmet for welding can cause neck strain. A variable shade lens allows you the option of having the helmet in place before striking the arc and adjusts the shade level according to the application. The variable shades often range from #3 to #13.

Viewing Area
This is a major consideration for purchasing a helmet. Obviously the larger the viewing area the more of the work piece/weld you are going to see. This can vary greatly in size from helmet to helmet. So be sure that you are getting an adequate viewing area for the scope of your needs.

Number of Arc Sensors
The number of sensors on a helmet usually varies from two to four. The more sensors on the lens the quicker the reaction time to the arc which in turn gives the welder a faster reaction speed to the weld.

In general most helmets carry a 2 year warranty on the lens. As long as the lens isn’t cracked it is usually covered. Now I say that with a little caution because unless you purchased this helmet made by a reputable manufacturer it could be quite difficult to get your warranty taken care of. So this is one of those areas where the brand of the product you are looking at comes into play.

For many brands is a preference because of either an experience or an emotional connection. Maybe you’ve used this product since you began welding so this is what you’ve grown to know and trust. Whatever your reason might be for selecting a brand, here at Weldfabulous we offer a variety of different brands as well as what we feel the best styles within those brands.

Hopefully the categories defined above give you a better idea of what to look for depending on your application in a welding helmet. Weldfabulous carries Welding Helmets from ESAB, Lincoln, Miller, 3M Speedglas, UVEX and Weldcote Metals.

Bottom line do your research before purchasing a helmet so you get the helmet that is going to suit your personality and welding needs!

What is so great about the New Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER 42 (1-4200) machine?

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1-4200
Weldfabulous Part Number: TD1-4200

Order yours today!

Basically the New Cutmaster 42 is two machines in one. It provides 27 Amps at 120V and 40 Amps at 230V. This is the perfect cutting tool for auto body, marine repair, plumbing, HVAC, home shop, rental fleets, metal building and roofing construction. This little machine will do the dirty work so you don’t have to. With a recommended cut of ¼” it packs the punch when you need it. The Cutmaster 42 comes with the NEW SL40™ torch featuring the new Surelok® platform. I have to say that changing out the parts on this torch is a breeze. Simply unscrew the shield cup and put in your electrode and tip and your set! Thermal also added the Vent2Shield technology to this machine which allows for the usage of a considerably smaller compressor which really enhances its portability. Weighing only 26lbs. itself this unit really makes it the plasma cutter of choice when portability is a must.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 System Includes:
• Cutmaster 42 machine
• Cutmaster 42 power supply
• 15’ SL40™ torch
• Safety gloves and glasses
• Instructional plasma cutting DVD
• Lightweight carrying case
• (2) Electrodes
• (2) 40 Amp drag tips
• (2) 20 Amp standard tips
• (2) 40 Amp standard tips
• 110V 20 Amp adapter cord
• 110V 15 Amp adapter cord

Are you looking for a lightweight portable MIG Welder that’s great for repair and maintenance? ESAB C160I

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Then we have your answer!

ESAB C160IThe new Esab Caddy MIG C160I 230 Volt Welder is just what you need then. Weighing just 26 pounds this little unit packs the punch and portability you are looking for in a machine. This little machine comes with a power factor correction feature that provides 30% more welding power from the same size fuse as its competition and an efficient built-in inverter power source. Simply set the plate thickness and all of your welding parameters are automatically selected. It also offers a heat adjustment know to make the weld hotter or colder on demand. With a single-phase input connection it makes it easy to find an electrical source and performs equally well when powered by a portable generator. This welder comes with a 10 foot MXL 180 torch, R-33 FM580 reg. flowmeter, 10 foot main cable with 6-50P plug, 15 foot gas hose with hose clamp and quick connector, return cable with clamp, simple shoulder strap, fitted wear parts in torch/feeder and instruction manual. It offers a 3-year warranty.

You can purchase this item at C160I

Lincoln Electric Launches their VIKING Arc Angel 750S Helmet for Women K2833-1

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With a graphic design created specifically for female fabricators, this helmet offers all of the features of the VIKING 750S helmet with a female flare! VIKING solar-powered auto-darkening helmets are fully loaded with features, built to demanding specs and packaged with a host of accessories. This helmet features a 9-13 shade control with sensitivity adjust for different welding environments, as well as a grind mode. No on/off switch to remember with this helmet it is solar-powered with battery assist so it’s ready to go when you are.

Lincoln Part No.: K2833-1